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"Eternal" Micro Glide Rotary Machine

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  • Small, lightweight and powerful, the Invictus Micro-Glide boasts that it can do what all other machines only say they can do. Manufactured by HM using 100% European parts the Micro-Glide is available in three stroke lengths.

    2.6 mm (short stroke) - Smooth Black & Grey shading

    3.4mm (medium stroke) - Coloring and Solid Black Work

    4.2mm (long stroke) - Lining, Whip Shading and traditional coloring work

    • CNC machined from 7075 Aviation grade Aluminum.
    • Slide system and needle bar retainer manufactured in durable hi-density Delrin.
    • German 17mm FAULHABER motor exclusively designed & tested between FAULHABER & HM Manufacturing.
    • Comes complete with a HM RCA  cable.
    • Weight: 90g/3.17oz
    • Engraved Eternal logo
    • Packaged in tin container

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