VItalitree Tattoo Salve

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All-natural tattoo lubricant and fine aftercare harnessing the ancient healing powers of exotic plants. 
Natural tattoo care that provides optimal clarity, vibrancy and comfort, both while creating and caring for your art.
All-natural formula for you, your artistic expression, and preserving your tattoos’ lifelong qualities. 
Here’s a glimpse of what our advanced formulation is capable of:

For The Artist:
• Minimize redness
• Reduce inflammation
• Excellent glide
• Won’t clog tubes

For The Art Aftercare:
• Accelerates healing
• Soothes itchy skin
• Reduces recovery time
• Lasting moisturization

For the Life of Your Art:
• Ensures longevity
• Enhances vibrancy
• Light-weight feel
• Calming essential oils

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